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A new year TUNE-UP  for Equimax®

A new year TUNE-UP 
for Equimax®

our market-leading whole life solution


Equimax Estate Builder® 
Equimax Wealth Accumulator® 

Affordability. More Choice. More Value.

Equimax® - Equitable Life's  industry-leading participating whole life solution

With lower total premiums, new options and benefits, an updated sales illustration system, and improved digital tools, Equimax® is a fully refreshed participating whole life insurance solution.

  1. More flexibility and value-added features
  2. No policy fees
  3. New KIND program Included
  4. Enhanced illustration software, digital tools and more!

An exciting suite of value-added enhancements for Equimax®

New Lower Premiums
Monthly EDO = More PUAs
New JLTD clients have new option
New illustration features
Children's policies = Non-smoker
Dividends now buy more PUAs
KIND™ program now included
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NEW! Web illustration tool for Equimax®

  • Conveniently run Equimax® illustrations when you're mobile or meeting clients.
  • Accessible on your cell phone, tablet, or iPad, and MAC or Windows-based PCs and laptops.
  • Log in to EquiNet® to access illustrations
  • Our desktop illustration software also continues to be available!
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Supporting you at claim 
time with KIND

Equimax now includes a suite of ancillary benefits for clients through our KIND program.

The KIND™ program includes:
  • Compassionate Advance*
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Snap Advance*
  • Living Benefit
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* Non-contractual benefits..


EZstart for Equimax®

EZstart is a mobile-optimized tool and links directly to the EZcomplete online application.

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Accessibility for customer service
Customers who wish to provide feedback on the way Equitable Life of Canada provides services to people with disabilities can contact us by email, verbally or by letter.  All feedback will be directed to the company Ombudsman. Customers can expect to hear back within 15 business days. Complaints will be addressed according to our organization's complaint management procedures.
The company's Customer Service Accessibility policy is available upon request from the company Ombudsman.

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